How Frequent Should One Exercise at the Gym in a Week

How Frequent Should One Exercise at the Gym in a WeekHow Frequent Should One Exercise at the Gym in a Week

You may find youself trying to fully utilize your gym membership and its facilities to achieve your fitness goal, and it may be quite challenging to balance your time of spending them at the gym or somewhre else. There is no standard guideline for all to follow, indeed it should be tie with your ultimate objective. You have to understand your goal and design your training plan.

For Cardiovascular Exercise
An adults should get 150 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio as recommended by the CDC. For example three days at the gym in a week for a 50 minutes or 75 minutes if you are going for a more intense cardiovascular workout. However, you may cut down to a shorter but more frequent workouts on high intensity workout. Do remember that short exercise gives better results than long duration exercise.

For Weight Loss
You may have to visit the gym more frequently if you are on weight loss plan than just maintaining a healthy weight. However, you may not neccessary depends all on the gym to achieve your goal, exercise can come in many forms like more walking, dancing, houseworks can reduce the time spent at the gym.

For Strength Training
You strength exercise should involves all the major muscle groups of the body, however we  probably may not always have a chance to move every single muscle group in our daily activities. Though the CDC recommends two days a week trainig to increase your strength, you may require more if you are trying to bulk up. The book such as “Strength Training,” recommends 3 to 4 times trainings in a week.

More workouts do not always produce better result, instead it will hurt your body. In every workout, you are actually hurting your body in certain level, for example stretching your muscle to its upper limit may cause muscle pain and soreness. Getting an adequate rest will allow the body system to repair the damages, and during the reparing process, the body will build new tissue and you get your body tone up. During the resting period, you can continue with some lighter exercise like slow walking.