Three Major Levels of crossfit fitness

Three Major Levels of crossfit fitnessThree Major Levels of crossfit fitness

Level 1: 10 common physical skills that you need to acquire and practice:

  • stamina/respiratory endurance
  • cardiovascular endurance
  • strength
  • flexibility
  • balance
  • coordination
  • power
  • speed
  • accuracy
  • agility

Each of the above elements will determined your fitness condition. Therefore, you have to acquire all these elements to improve your fitness condition.

Level 2: Practice a wide range of training elements and avoid routine.

Your should stay away from your comfort zone, avoid sticking to just a few types of training pattern and machines. Do remember that life is not constant, so do our body. Avoid repetition in a typical number of sets and exercises with fixed duration. Our body is built for various type of movement in any kind of situation that we may be facing at any time, so it is important to get our body prepare for these unexpected challenges. So, get high intensity training regularly is a must, mix and match as many exercise variation as possible.

FLevel 3: Train in each of the three metabolic pathways.

If you are not going to prepare yourself for a tough competition like marathon or triathalon, then you do not need to get yourself into a harsh training program such as 1 hour elliptical trainer or cycling. You may indeed benefited in shredding body fat but at a cost of losing your lean muscle tissue and strength. You should get yourself trained in the following pathways instead:

1. phospagen pathway – which involves hard and heavy work within a very short period of timing, usually up to 10 seconds at most. You are stimulating your muscle growth and fat loss.
2. glycolytic pathway – which involves hard and heavy work to be completed within a medium duration, usually up to 15 minutes.
3. oxidative pathway – which involves a low power work over a long period of timing. This pathway will require you to sustain your cardiovascular and respiratory endurance over a longer durations, there is little muscle growth stimulation on this type of exercises, but you will improve in the heart performance and fat loss.