About Us

About Us

localhost:8888 is committed to find the best suit fitness equipment to you. We aim to provide you with all the education you need around embroidery machines and the accessories to enable you to learn more and make informed choices. We will also share with you our opinion, commentary and personal favorites when it comes to choosing the best suited fitness equipment.

How do we conduct the review?

First step is to gather the top rated products from major online stores then narrow it down according to popularity and average rating. The product has to have at least 20 reviews (combined) to meet the criteria of course the more reviews the better.

How do you know if the reviews are credible?

For both positive and negative we look for detailed reviews from verified buyers that highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of the product in a way that is helpful to a potential buyer.

Also we look for people that have experience in leaving concise reviews that explain in detail what they liked and disliked in a product. We usually ignore the short one-liner reviews (e.g. this is the best or this is crap…) that don’t add real value to the discussion.

Our goal is to give you information that you can easily digest that’ll answer questions about your needs for workout base YOUR decision on these rather than buying something because of the brand name.